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3 Steps to Get Rid of C. difficile

Hitting the targetFighting C. difficile is similar to fighting a war. You need many different kinds of forces to win a battle, including ground troops, special forces, snipers, communications and supply lines. After each battle, you need engineers to rebuild and restore damaged infrastructure. And to win the war, you need allies to strengthen your defenses and ensure long term peace. Each kind of force has different functions, but they all work together under the same strategy to win the war.

In the same way, fighting C. diff. successfully required more than just a treatment or remedy. Rebuilding and restoring your gut and your microbiome are just as important as your treatments. And strengthening your body’s immune system and natural defenses is the single most important way to avoid recurring infections.

Below are 3 key steps that changed my life and gave me freedom from recurring infections*:

  • Step 1: Stop your infection quickly using the strongest natural treatments for C. difficile.
  • Step 2: Repair the damage done to your body and neutralize the harmful side effects of antibiotic drugs.
  • Step 3: Make your body resistant to C. difficile and other infections by learning key techniques to fortify your body’s natural defenses.


Stop C. difficile Overgrowth

Probiotic AlertIf you’ve spent any time looking for a natural C. difficile treatment, then you know there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about probiotics, herbal remedies, essential oils, supplements and other C. difficile home remedies. And most of these natural remedies are sold as one-size-fits all cures that are supposed to work for everyone and every type of infection.

The truth is, most natural remedies just don’t have the potency to fight superbugs like C. difficile, especially some of the newer strains of the bacteria. And, not every natural remedy works for everyone. You want solutions you can modify to best fit your needs. You also want to gain the knowledge of how to use these natural solutions safely.

Antibacterial Support

herbal remedies In any war, the most obvious and pressing objective is to engage and defeat the invading enemy. In the war against C. diff. infections, that enemy is an overgrowth of C. difficile bacteria in your gut. Broad-spectrum antibacterial herbal remedies are a powerful way to attack disease-causing bacteria.

The “standard protocol” treatment for C. difficile infections is antibiotic drugs. But antibiotics have many negative side effects. Antibiotics also weaken your immune system, kill of your healthy microbiome, can cause C. difficile infections, and quite often they are ineffective.

In contrast, well formulated herbal remedies can target C. diff. bacteria without causing the “collateral damage” of antibiotic drugs. When used along with immune support, probiotics and proper diet, herbal remedies can play a key role in C. diff. recovery.

Gut Microbiome Support

C. diff. bacteria are the invading enemy, but the main battleground is your gut microbiome. So to win the war against C. difficile, you need to focus on restoring balance and health to your gut flora. Below are three key ways to support your gut microbiome on multiple fronts using true probiotics and highly targeted toxin binders:

  1. Cleansing toxins for symptom relief.
    C. diff. bacteria create toxins in your gut that make you sick and cause diarrhea. Binding and eliminating pathogenic bacteria and the toxins they produce can reduce gut inflammation, improve symptoms quickly and speed the healing process.
  2. Reconditioning your microbiome with probiotics and toxin binders.
    You can restore a healthy balance in your gut microbiome and recondition your gut flora with true probiotics.
  3. Defending your gut.
    Your gut microbiome knows how to defend and police itself. Special purpose
    probiotics, such as S. boulardii and Bacillus subtilis are powerful allies that strengthen your natural defenses.

Michelle’s Recommended Probiotics

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C. difficile can Cause Long-Term Damage to Your Body

Doctor prescriptionMost people are prescribed antibiotic drugs for C. difficile. But these powerful drugs come with powerful negative side effects. Bacteria also leave behind toxins and harmful by-products in your body long after your infection has stopped. In addition, fighting off an infection takes a lot of energy from your body. The combination of side effects, C. diff. bacterial toxins and lost energy can weaken your defenses and hinder your ability to get better.

Some of the most common negative side-effects of antibiotic drugs include rashes, stomach pain, diarrhea, and fatigue. Unfortunately, some of these drug symptoms are identical to C. difficile infection symptoms. And in some cases, these side effects can last for a long time after you stop taking the antibiotic.

One of the worst side effects of antibiotics is how they weaken your immune system, largely by killing off your good and protective flora in your intestines. This can leave you wide open to future C. difficile, secondary yeast and bacterial infections and even chronic disease and inflammation.

Fortunately, there are steps and techniques you can take to help your body heal faster. I found a few natural techniques available to counteract the damage done by C. difficile, as well as the side effects of antibiotic drugs. I talk about these in more detail in my free e-book 10 Things Your Need To Know About C. diff. These techniques include daily probiotics, toxin binders, sugar reduction, extra hydration, and specific supplements to address specific symptoms.


Stopping Your Infection is One Thing. Keeping it From Coming Back is Another

C. diff. can recur over and over if you only rely on treatmentsBy itself, even the most effective antibiotic or the most powerful natural remedy may not keep C. difficile from coming back in the future. Ignoring this is an easy way to get trapped in the downward cycle of recurring infections.

Stopping your infection is very important and the obvious first step you should take. But if you only follow Step 1, there’s a very good chance that C. difficile will come back again later. Step 3 is what it took me and countless others to break the cycle of recurring infections.

Infection prevention begins in your home. Effective cleaning, disinfecting and personal hygiene are very important to defend against C. diff. spores and other disease-causing microbes in your home. C. diff. spreads via spores, usually from contaminated fecal matter. The two best ways to protect yourself are hygiene awareness and hand washing, but cleaning and disinfecting are also very important.

Infection prevention is usually overlooked by most doctors. And the mainstream medical system is focused on “standard protocol” treatments, including antibiotics and fecal transplants, not on keeping your infection from coming back later. Research shows that recurring gut infections and related conditions, if left unresolved, are the root cause of many chronic diseases later in life. So it’s important to see a holistic or natural doctor, or Functional Medicine certified MD, as they have more training and experience using alternatives and preventing recurring infections.

A Roadmap on How to Win the Battle

C Diff BookA comprehensive C. difficile treatment program should cover helping your body be naturally resistant to infection. It’s what we all need in a world that has an ever-growing number of superbugs like C. difficile. Refer to my free e-book which includes a supplement plan for more information.

Find out more here about my latest book “C. Diff Treatments and Remedies” which includes a comprehensive 3 step program for stopping C. Diff infections.

*Testimonial Disclaimer: Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As all health issues have inherent risk, our information and testimonials are not intended to infer or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Click here for our full testimonial and results disclaimer.

Image credits: Doctor: ©Yuri/iStockPhoto; Myths: ©CDC; 3 Steps: ©Lester Moore