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Michelle’s Biography

michelle moore c difficile researcherMichelle Moore is a microbiologist and author regarded as an expert on holistic infection recovery by multiple doctors and by readers of her numerous books. Michelle combines experience from three different fields to provide a unique and authoritative perspective on infection recovery.


As a professional research microbiologist at Atrix Laboratories Michelle spent 7 years studying bacteria and antibiotics in the laboratory and auditing study sites during human clinical trials of antibiotic and medical device products. As a quality control microbiologist at Amgen Inc., Michelle tested multiple drug and biological products for FDA compliance for over 2 years. She later became an expert trainer for PTi International, teaching pharmaceutical scientists in two-day courses about the safe and reliable manufacture of drug, biological and medical device products.

As a survivor of chronic and debilitating infections, Michelle has first-hand personal experience overcoming 4 years of recurring Staph bacterial infections. After seeing several different medical doctors and receiving numerous unsuccessful antibiotic treatments, she began an extensive exploration of alternative and holistic infection treatment options, which eventually lead to her successful recovery. Her experience as a professional microbiologist and drug researcher helped Michelle to find evidence-based alternative infection treatments backed by science and clinical success.

As a natural health advocate and author, Michelle continued to educate herself in several areas of holistic health, including herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, the human microbiome and immune support. She has attended several hands-on instructional courses on the therapeutic use of essential oils. Michelle also has over 10 years of training and mentorship in a spiritual counseling practice.

Michelle co-founded Embrace Health, Inc. in 2007 along with her husband Lester to share her wide-ranging knowledge, research and experience with others.

Endorsements, Media Coverage and Authored Books

Michelle’s books and infection recovery websites have been endorsed or quoted by doctors and nurses and other medical professionals, including Dr. Judi Gerstung, DC, Dr. Lawrence Sosna, ND Ph.D. HHP, and authority health sites including Mercola.com and NaturalNews.com. Michelle and Les have been interviewed on NPR affiliate station KZYX for the radio show Holistic Health Perspectives: Surviving The C. Difficile Superbug. She has also been interviewed on KRFC Radio by Doctor Judi Gerstung: Staph, MRSA & Healthcare.

Michelle’s self-published books on holistic infection recovery and immune support nutrition have been read by over 28,000 people in 58 countries. Michelle is author of the following books, plus over a dozen guidebooks and a DVD: MRSA Secrets Revealed, C. difficile Treatments & Remedies, and Immune-Boosting Recipes and Foods.

Media Inquiries: Please contact Michelle at her contact page.


Michelle holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and a Minor in Microbiology from Colorado State University and has completed several years of alternative health and spiritual counseling coursework.


Michelle supports organizations that promote the exchange of natural health information with a portion of her book proceeds going to the Alliance for Natural Health, Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) and the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). She also supports several ministries and non-profit organizations dedicated to providing hope, healing and support to people in need, including David Herzog ministries and Covenant House for homeless children.

Patents and Published Research

Michelle is named on U.S. patent number 6,245,345, pertaining to a filamentous porous film that can act as a support for cellular attachment, growth and organization. Michelle Botz (Moore) is also named in five abstracts, pertaining to medical devices containing the antibiotic drug doxycycline:

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Antimicrobial Effects of a Bioabsorbable GTR Barrier Containing Doxycycline. Botz (Moore), M.L., Godowski K.C., Dunn R.L., Southard, G.L. AADR Annual Meeting, 4-7 March 1998, Abstract No. 279.

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Clinical, Microbiological, and Kinetic Release Study of a GTR Barrier Membrane Containing Doxycycline. Garrett S., Bogle G.C., Botz (Moore) M.L., Coonts B., Williams A., Holland K., Sherman J.M., Godowski K.C., Dunn, R.L., Southard, G.L. J. Dental Res. 1997; 76 Abstract No. 3441.