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Success Stories from C Diff Sufferers

We’ve received many praises and testimonials over the years from people who have put Michelle’s 3-Step Action plan to work. Be encouraged, have hope. Michelle offers a wealth of information to guide your steps toward freedom.


“My life is back on track”

“Michelle, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book and the C Diff protocol. I had been battling with C diff for over a month after I was prescribed Cefrin for a sinus infection. After two weeks following your protocol my life is back on track.

After seeing a Gastroenterologist and testing positive (after a false negative result), he wanted to use the standard medical Rx of Flagyl. When the nurse told me I would most likely need a doctor’s [approval] because a lot of people have bad side effects from the drug, I panicked.

Fortunately, I found you on the web and bought your book and ordered the protocol! After the third day of starting the protocol my symptoms stopped. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I will be following the protocol for two months and will only take an antibiotic if it’s a life or death situation! Thanks again.” *

Lisa, Charles Town, WV USA


“My doctors are amazed”

“Yes. Yes. My doctors are amazed. I was having terrible reactions to “appropriate” antibiotics and was seeking alternatives. I started following your suggestions on your site even before getting the book.

I was improving and feeling better than seemed possible and will always be following with what I learned. Shortly after starting to improve I gashed my leg and ended up with another infection that was not healing. Upped [the herbal blend supplements and probiotics] and no antibiotics… My vascular doctors were amazed at the healing of the terrible wound.

And my internist, who’d been so concerned about my stopping her Rx that she called several times is very impressed with what was accomplished due to following your suggestions. I will never be able to thank you enough. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are on target.”

Mary Jane also included a follow-up note

“..In a way I am lucky to again have experienced a hospital caused episode with C-dif and finding myself sick from the effects of “appropriate” antibiotics. That forced me to look beyond what my internist was insisting and was essential in finding your website. Not only do I now have a way to protect myself from C-diff, but I understand how to address other inflammatory conditions which appear to have been “normal”. I learned how important to my TOTAL health my gut is.

I was not aware that those health giving organisms and lovely herb blends can mean a healthier body. It is an unexpected insight. And my internist also learned from that experience. Maybe that’s how the medical profession will learn that there are alternatives they weren’t taught about.”*

Mary Jane, Washington DC USA


“You literally saved my child’s life…”

“I am forever grateful to you and your book. My 3 year old child had C-Diff for about 3 years. He had diarrhea after every meal 3-5 times a day. I was so desperate, the antibiotics did not work on him twice.

And that is when I found your book online. My son could not go to daycare or even have a babysitter at home. Who wants to deal with loose BM every day! I gave the 3 month protocol to my son with your instructions. I could tell it was working when his appetite started coming back after a month. The test confirmed he was cured.

Your method really works. You literally saved my child’s life and my family’s. I would like to give you a hug virtually. Thank you again and again.” *

L.S., Spring, TX USA


“The results have been excellent”

“About two and a half months ago I developed symptoms of toxic megacolin, despite the lack of antibiotic therapy for many years. A stool sample confirmed my suspicion and I started myself on Tea tree oil, oregano oil, and berberine while I read your book and started your protocol a couple of weeks later. The results have been excellent, and I plan to continue the therapy for another month.

Your book is informative and well written. My thanks and best wishes to you.” *

James W., MD, CA USA


“Your Action Plan was a huge success for me!”

“How I got C-difficile: I broke my leg in a snow skiing accident, while in the hospital I got a bone infection. To cure the bone infection the Doctors prescribed 1425mg of Vancomycin‚ by IV for 10 weeks. By week two the Vancomycin created an extreme case c-difficile in my gut. Talk about ‘insult to injury”…they immediately took me off the Vancomycin‚ IV and switched me to an oral dose but it was too late.

I could not get rid of the c-diff… I was shocked and stunned.

Fortunately a friend suggested your book. I stopped all antibiotics and put the Action Plan into play. I still follow your Action Plan at a maintenance level. Thank you!! I highly recommend your book to anybody who has been hit by c-difficile and for that matter for general intestinal health.” *

Brian, Sandy, UT USA
Note: Be sure to get your physician’s approval before discontinuing any antibiotics.


“I have found your book to be a wealth of information”

“It will remain a great reference for solid health information, not only specific for C-Diff. I read your book after my first diagnosis of C-Diff, and immediately started with diet, and started to see a Naturopathic Dr.

However after 2 courses of antibiotics and 2 re-occurrences, I ordered your 2 month protocol. I’m just starting my 2nd month and starting to feel like there is life after C-Diff. I put the 3rd Rx of antibiotic and or a fecal transplant, recommended by my Dr., on hold.

Both my Dr’s are supporting me taking your recommended route specific for C-Diff, and I of course am happy to give them good news as I progress.” *

Carolyn, Kimberly, B.C. CAN

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“This book has been a lifesaver for me”

“I really was worried since doctors didn’t seem to be able to help me. I took so many antibiotics and I continued to get reoccurring infections.

I started researching on the Internet and came across this book. No more tears and frustration. I feel more confident in conquering this than ever before. My immune system is strengthening and I feel good. The remedies and diet changes and many other things have changed my life and I owe it to this book.

This book has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you so much.” *

Jamie, Chico TX, USA


“I was in the “final stage” of the infection”

“Michelle, thank you so much for your book – it was invaluable. I am totally well now. I felt it was a lifesaver for me, as my internal med doctor truly didn’t have a grasp on what I needed to do to get over it. (He had suggested a stool transplant as a last resort if the Flagyl didn’t work. I refused to take Vancomycin as I already have significant hearing loss and was not willing to take the risk of further loss.)

My doctor had said, don’t worry, even if you didn’t do anything, your body should eventually overcome it. I had gotten to the point of passing blood (without a stool), running fever constantly, horribly fatigued, and my skin itching terribly, so I know I was in what is considered the “final stage” of the infection.

Thank you again and again. I have certainly recommended your book to others. My C. diff was community acquired – I haven’t been in the hospital or taken chemo, etc. People don’t want to talk about C. diff, but it is definitely “out there” and for someone who is immune impaired, it is a definite threat.

Thanks again and God bless you,” *

Vicki, Brandon, MS USA


“He didn’t even look me in the eye”

“I am so thankful for your book. I was so sick my colon was so swollen from diarrhea.

The GI doc the hospital recommended was new and young. He didn’t even look me in the eye, he answered my question on diet like this. What should I eat, he said eat it, if it don’t work don’t eat it. He gave me no help at all. $400.00 later a Rx was the only thing [vancomycin 125 mg], without that I couldn’t work.

Then your wisdom… 3 days later I started getting better. I’ve been off the Meds about 3 weeks now doing well. Thanks again.” *

Pamela, Centerburg, OH USA


“Your methods did what doctors and hospitals were not able to do”

“I want to let you know that I am doing very well. I can’t thank you enough.

After the third day on the c-diff protocol my symptoms went away. Was able to eat and was going out just once in the morning. After the first two weeks, my diet started going back to normal. I could eat more and my digestion was starting to feel back to normal.

I have now gained all of the weight that I lost back and am feeling so much better. Your methods did what doctors and hospitals were not able to do. Thank you so much!” *

Margaret N., USA


“I never ever expected all this information in one book”

“I have learned so much about c-diff and possible treatments. I never ever expected all this information in one book…..it really is the answer to many prayers.

I have started the protocol, but I am going slowly. I am so grateful for Michelle, her book and all the work she and her team have done.” *

Judy, Selma IN, USA


“After 5 days all my symptoms stopped”

“I just wanted to let you know that after starting the treatment that you outlined, after 5 days all my symptoms stopped and I’ve had no problem at all since then. That was July 30, 2014. I had several months prior to that with bowel incontinence which had become so bad I could almost leave my house for fear of having sudden unexpected diarrhea. It was a nightmare!

I am so happy that I found your book!! I realized once I got back to normal that this had been going on for a few years, not just months. It just got progressively worse until I became almost unable to function normally.” *

Geraldine, Albuquerque NM, USA


“I am enjoying great health…”

“I cannot say enough good about your book and what it has done for us. As a result of all the information in your book we were able to immediately implement some changes…

I am enjoying great health, which was not the case 6 months ago, and not something I wish to experience ever again! Needless to say I am extremely grateful and indebted to your book and all the support that it has given me!” *

Mark, Ellenbrook AUS


“What a blessing Michelle’s book is!”

“When I found your book online, it was like an answer to our prayers! My husband had developed recurrent colitis due to C-Diff after a 10 day course of Amoxicillin. From Nov. 2015 to March 2016, he was treated with 5 courses of antibiotics (2 Flagyl, 2 Vancomycin, then Flagyl again). Then a Gastroenterologist recommended FMT.

When he was hesitant to move forward with that procedure, he was prescribed a ten day course of Dificid. In the meantime we were “drinking in” every word of your book, and when we read about biofilm…wow! He finished the Dificid March 16th and started the Herbal 2 Month Protocol March 17th. He followed the protocol diligently and has NO RECURRENCE!!

We have always been interested in good nutrition, organic gardening, pesticide-free products, etc., and we found good tips & information in your book. I especially appreciated the Cleaning section; Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting…what to do when.

We really don’t know how to thank you for your work and sharing. BLESS YOU!!” *

Marsha, Elyria OH, USA

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