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Emotional Barriers to Healing

Have you ever driven your car with the emergency break on? It’s an easy thing to do and it can take a while before you notice. At first, the car just feels a little sluggish, so you give it a more gas. But it gets worse as you pick up speed and begin to realize something isn’t working right.

It doesn’t matter how fast your car is or how new your tires are. Driving with the brakes on hinders your progress and eventually damages your vehicle.

Emotions Affect Your Immune System

In the same way, your emotions can slow or even stall your recovery from infections. No matter how powerful your treatments or remedies may be, things like stress, fear and resentment can sabotage your healing efforts.

Science has proven that negative emotions weaken your immune system, slow your recovery from illness and make you more prone to catching infections. And I’ve seen first-hand how stress affects my own health and infection recovery.

When I struggled with recurring Staph infections, they would usually strike right after an episode of stress. To this day, every time I get stressed out I easily can catch a cold or some other bug. Even if I don’t get “sick”, stress immediately saps my energy, gives me a sick stomach and drags down my body’s reserves.

How to Speed Your Recovery

If you’re anything like me, negative emotions could be a crucial unexamined and underestimated factor that’s sabotaging your infection recovery. If you’ve tried different remedies and treatment approaches with poor results, then stress is definitely something to take a look at.

Stress is almost a given in today’s hectic world. But the good news is that just knowing how stress affects your health can make a big difference. And there are simple ways to reduce stress and other negative emotions, which we go over in the video – here’s the direct link to watch it on YouTube:


Your body, mind and emotions are intimately connected. Just as your physical body needs treatments and remedies, your mind and psyche also need some attention. The next time you get stressed can be an opportunity to “take off the brakes” and make the engine of your body run like it’s supposed to.


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