Are Natural Remedies for C. Diff. Strong Enough?

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Many people are surprised that there are effective options beyond antibiotics for controlling C. difficile infections. Natural antibiotic substances have been used for centuries, and they range from specific essential oils, herbs and herbal blends, special foods, probiotics and more. Quality is of the utmost importance as many of these products have limited to no antibacterial qualities.

Many natural antibiotics are strong, safe and effective options that medical doctors in the UK, Germany and France commonly use. Some natural remedies have even proven to be stronger than antibiotics in some laboratory tests. I think it’s important that you know about these alternative options even though most doctors in the U.S. have never heard of them.

But first, you must understand that simply stopping your infection does not guarantee you will stop cycle of recurring infections. This is true whether you use natural antibiotics or synthetic antibiotics.

Stopping your infection is only the first step

Regardless of how effective an antibiotic or a natural remedy is at stopping your infection, that’s only the first step. C. difficile is very stubborn and your infection can easily come back unless you take another very important step in your treatment.

C. difficile bacteria can hide out for years inside your body, waiting to cause another infection when conditions are right. The best way to prevent recurring infections is to help boost your body’s own defenses against infection and to help your body to remove hiding “stealth” bacteria.

Strengthening your defenses takes a little time but it’s well worth it. And, it’s more than just taking a single herb or supplement. The good news is there are some simple, inexpensive and powerful techniques you can learn to support your body to help keep C. difficile from coming back.

Are home remedies right for you?

C. difficile is serious business and it should be treated as such. It’s critical for yourself and your family that you understand how to combat these bacteria without relying on antibiotics. While some home remedies work, many are not up to the task of C. difficile. And, more importantly, stopping C. difficile is only part of the solution.

Because C. difficile is now everywhere in our communities, it’s important that you also be educated and understand how to make your body as resistant to C. difficile bacteria as possible. That’s where working with your body to naturally stop these bacteria comes in.

Natural treatments can be just as powerful as antibiotic drugs, but they must be used with responsibility. Not all natural remedies will work well for everyone, or for every infection. The bottom line is, it’s best that you have a good understanding of ALL of the treatment tools available to you, using the best tool for each need.

Relying on any single treatment approach is a big mistake

C. difficile is a crafty and potentially dangerous infection. Limiting yourself to only antibiotics can be a big risk with these infections. Putting all your faith into a single natural remedy can be a mistake too.

Antibiotics and mainstream medicine have a time and a place, but they are not always enough when it comes to C. difficile. I personally believe antibiotic drugs should only be used as a last resort option because of the many powerful natural remedies available. See the tables below for some of the pros and cons of the most common natural C. difficile treatment options.

Natural treatment comparisons

As with any treatment method, natural remedies should be used knowledgeably, sensibly and under the supervision of a medical professional for maximum safety and effectiveness.


  • Addresses root cause of infection.
  • Safe, easy, inexpensive.
  • Many different strains available.
  • Won’t kill bacteria.
  • Potency varies widely for different brands and storage conditions.
  • Strain effectiveness can vary from person to person.

Essential oils

  • Can be very potent.
  • Multiple uses and modes of action.
  • Supports pH and immune system.
  • Can help control many different symptoms.
  • Effectiveness and safety vary widely from brand to brand.
  • Difficult to find true medicinal grades.
  • Internal use requires some knowledge and precautions.
  • Some can target “good” bacteria too.

Herbal products

  • Multiple uses and modes of action.
  • Some support pH and immune system.
  • Can help control diverse symptoms.
  • Can help control many different symptoms.
  • Product potency and effectiveness can vary brand to brand.
  • Huge range of options can be confusing

Stool transplant

  • Often quite effective.
  • Helps restore good bacteria balance
  • Relatively new and untested.
  • Risk of exposure to unknown infectious agents in donor stool.

Special garlic and allicin extracts

  • Can be very effective.
  • Supports balanced intestinal flora.
  • Some preparations are less effective than others.
  • Some brands can be relatively expensive.

Energy medicine (Scio, Tennant Biomodulator, etc.)

  • Very helpful in many cases.
  • Can help control diverse symptoms.
  • Can address root causes and imbalances.
  • Results can vary from person to person.
  • Best used as a complement to stronger treatments

Foods and diet

  • Addresses root cause of infection by supporting intestinal and immune system health.
  • Can be modified to improve nutrient and electrolyte absorption.
  • Can address root causes and imbalances.
  • Often confusing due to prevalence of “healthy” and “low fat” diet fads.
  • Best used as a complement to other stronger treatments.
  • Requires lifestyle changes for best effect.

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