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Michelle MooreHi, I'm Michelle Moore and I spent over 3 years battling what I call the 3-Headed infection monster. You've probably been fighting this same monster and that's what brought you to this page. Welcome to the battle! I'm going to show you how to win it.


The 3-Headed Infection Monster and How to Kill It

Monster #1: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know. I have the utmost respect for doctors. Most of them are ethical, conscientious and concerned for the well-being of their patients. But, sometimes they blindly follow “accepted procedures” for C difficile colitis treatment that can make your infection WORSE! The patient (you) loses precious time as the infection grows and becomes more difficult to treat later. I talk about several of these “accepted procedures” in my book so you’ll know what to look for and how to WORK WITH YOUR DOCTOR to make sure your infection is treated properly.

Monster #2: The Big Pharma Profit Motive. Giant pharmaceutical and biotech companies (for whom I used to work!) have a vested interest in seeing that infection sufferers follow a particular (often ineffective and sometimes unsafe) path to treatment. I’ve seen it from the inside and I shed light on the dirty little secrets in my book. Don’t let anyone rob you of your freedom.

Monster #3: Quick Fix Miracle Cures. Whether it’s hair growth, sexual dysfunction, skin discoloration, weight loss…any chronic, complex problem will attract the hucksters trying to make a fast buck. And boy is that true in the infection remedy arena. My own method has even been “hijacked” and sold by a competitor. Beware of miracle cures. I saw them coming a mile away when I started by company 5 years ago. I show you what to watch out for.

The real reason C. diff. can be so hard to treat

It's no wonder C difficile colitis is so hard to treat. Not only do you have to fight the infection itself, but you also have to fight through the disinformation coming from these powerful and persuasive sectors. In my book I show you how to fight the infection AND the disinformation and take back your life!

We look to our doctors to help us. And we expect modern medicine to have all the answers. But C. difficile and other so-called “superbugs” are a growing challenge that often stumps mainstream medicine. New antibiotics and cutting edge treatments sometimes help, but results are often short-lived. Natural methods like probiotics can make a big difference, but many doctor are still in the dark about probiotics and other alternatives, especially the role of boosting the immune system.

A better way to handle C. difficile

Treatments and remedies by themselves often are not enough to stop a stubborn bout of C. diff. colitis. This is why mainstream medicine so often fails in the long run. People have achieved the best results by attacking their infection on multiple fronts. That means combining remedies and treatments along with diet changes, immune support and preventative measures at the same time. Knowing which methods to use and how to combine them safely and effectively into an overall strategy can be a daunting project for most people.

Author Michelle Moore had to take on such a project when she struggled with her own recurring infections for over 4 years. After a lot of research and trial and error she was able to combine her knowledge of natural medicine with her background as a microbiologist to formulated a better way to handle Staph and other chronic infections. Her recent research into new C. diff. treatment strategies has lead her to write her latest book C. Diff. Treatments & Remedies.


Inside Michelle's printed book
C. diff. Treatments & Remedies eBook


C. diff. Treatments & Remedies eBook
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Contains all the same content as the printed book. Electronic book (e-book) is in PDF digital format. Get instant access to read on your PC, smartphone or mobile device.

Inside the Full Program

Get ALL of Michelle's C. difficile resources. The Full Program includes BOTH the printed and e-book versions of C. difficile Treatments & Remedies, plus two exclusive bonus e-books:

Top 20 Questions about C. diff. eBook

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Start reading the e-book immediately on your PC or mobile device while your printed book is being shipped to your home. Includes FREE U.S. shipping.

Top 20 Questions about C. diff. eBook

Top 20 Questions About C. Diff. e-book

Answers to real questions from real people with C. difficile. Michelle addresses in detail the most common questions asked by people of all ages with all kinds of C. difficile challenges, including caregiver and prevention questions. Electronic e-book (PDF format).

Symptom Tracker Log for C. Diff. eBook

Symptom Tracker Log for C. Diff. e-book

Identify problem foods & gauge remedy effectiveness. The Symptom Tracker Log lets you record your foods, medications and supplements to reveal links between your symptoms and the things you eat, take or do. Electronic e-book (PDF format).

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C. diff. Treatments & Remedies eBook

Get Michelle's book, e-book or full program and receive free immediate access to Michelle's online Customer Only Area, containing the following tools to speed and support your recovery:


What Michelle's customers are saying

After the third day my symptoms were gone

"I want to let you know that I am doing very well. After the third day my symptoms were gone. After the first two weeks, my diet started going back to normal. I could eat more and my digestion was starting to feel back to normal.

I have now gained all of the weight that I lost back and am feeling so much better. Your methods did what doctors and hospitals were not able to do.

Thank you so much!" *

Margaret N.


I never ever expected all this information in one book

"I have learned so much about c-diff and possible treatments. I never ever expected all this information in one book... it really is the answer to many prayers.

I have started the protocol, but I am going slowly. I am so grateful for Michelle, her book and all the work she and her team have done." *

Judy, Selma IN, USA


After 5 days all my symptoms stopped

"I just wanted to let you know that after starting the treatment that you outlined, after 5 days all my symptoms stopped and I've had no problem at all since then. That was July 30, 2014. I had several months prior to that with bowel incontinence which had become so bad I could almost leave my house for fear of having sudden unexpected diarrhea. It was a nightmare!

I am so happy that I found your book!! I realized once I got back to normal that this had been going on for a few years, not just months. It just got progressively worse until I became almost unable to function normally." *

Geraldine, Albuquerque NM, USA


This book has been a lifesaver for me

"I really was worried since doctors didn’t seem to be able to help me. I took so many antibiotics and I continued to get reoccurring infections. I started researching on the Internet and came across this book. No more tears and frustration. I feel more confident in conquering this than ever before. My immune system is strengthening and I feel good. The remedies and diet changes and many other things have changed my life and I owe it to this book.

This book has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you so much." *

Jamie, Chico TX, USA


I am enjoying great health

"I cannot say enough good about your book and what it has done for us. As a result of all the information in your book we were able to immediately implement some changes...

I am enjoying great health, which was not the case 6 months ago, and not something I wish to experience ever again! Needless to say I am extremely grateful and indebted to your book and all the support that it has given me!" *

Mark, Ellenbrook, West Australia

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C. diff. Freedom Guarantee

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Wishing you the very best,

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore
Author, microbiologist and health researcher
Founder of C-Difficile-Treatment.com


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