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When Antibiotics Stop Working

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If you get infected with C. difficile, your doctor will probably prescribe one of only three antibiotics known to work against this infection. For some people, these treatments stop their infection, at least in the short term. For others, these "standard protocol" treatments fail to work or their infection comes back again repeatedly.

Below are 6 key reasons why these antibacterial therapies stop working, why they often fail to work and what you can do to make antibiotics work better.


Many people find that they need a longer term strategy beyond just taking antibiotics. Fortunately, there are effective alternatives to antibiotics and ways to boost the immune system to make the body more resistant to future infections. And if you do take antibiotics, you can counteract the negative side effects in a number of ways, including extra hydration, detoxification, symptom-relief remedies and taking an effective probiotic.


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