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CD Herbal Detox Kit Benefits

CD Herbal Detox Kit

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The most effective antibacterial remedies combine multiple medicinal strength herbs into a synergistic blend. Michelle’s favorite herbal blends are combined into one kit to provide multi-dimensional support to promote healing and recovery.

The benefits of the CD Herbal Detox kit include:

  • Attack disease-causing bacteria
  • Support and boost immune system health
  • Bind and remove C. diff. toxins from the gut
  • Soothe GI system inflammation
  • Target C. difficile resistance factors such as biofilms, efflux pumps and spore production.

As discussed in Michelle’s book C. diff. Treatments & Remedies, there are many powerful antibacterial herbs and essential oils. Some of the most potent examples are olive leaf extract, garlic, goldenseal, echinacea and the essential oils of tea tree and oregano.

These herbs are "broad-spectrum", meaning they can kill both Gram-positive bacteria (like C. difficile, MRSA, Staph) and Gram-negative bacteria (like E. coli or Salmonella). They can also target C. difficile’s resistance factors (see below). And, unlike antibiotics, antibacterial herbs do not cause resistance in bacteria because of the complex way in which they work.


Herbs that Target C. diff. Resistance Factors


Many kinds of bacteria, including C. difficile stay protected from antibiotics inside biofilms.

Some herbs can also target the many ways C. difficile resists antibiotic or antibacterial treatments. Garlic, berberine (from goldenseal) and tea tree oil help disrupt biofilm structures that C. diff. bacteria hide within.

Berberine, garlic, uva ursi, and black walnut each inhibit efflux pumps that remove antibacterial agents from inside the bacteria. Garlic and berberine have also been found to inhibit the growth of new C. diff. bacteria from their protective spores. And, oregano oil helps combat new C. diff. spores from being formed.

When using such a combination of medicinal strength antibacterial herbs, you’ve enlisted formidable allies in your arsenal against C. diff.


Antibiotics versus Medicinal Herbs

Formulas that contain multiple medicinal herbs in one product provide a broader spectrum of activity against infections than any single herb alone. The resulting formulations are powerful alternatives to antibiotic drugs, which are plagued with serious side effects, allergic reaction risks and the problem of antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic drugs also stress your immune system and destroy much of your beneficial intestinal flora.


The Biocide Blend, The Olive Leaf Blend and GI Detox Aid

CD Herbal Detox KitMichelle’s favorite herbal blends referenced in Step 1 of her Action Plan are Biocidin (the Biocide blend), Olivirex (the Olive Leaf Blend) and GI Detox+ (GI Detox Aid). The herbs mentioned above are inside these blends.

These physician strength herbal products are made by Bio-Botanical Research, a leader in the field of natural medicine for over 30 years. These medicinal herbal formulas have been used by hundreds of doctors across the USA for over 30 years. Read on below for how to get these products.

Bio-Botanical Research products are clinically tested, clinically effective and designed to meet the highest professional standards. Their products are highly-regarded by doctors who deal with gut dysbiosis (microbial imbalance) and debilitating gut issues.


A Collaboration Between Michelle and Dr. Fresco

Dr FrescoMichelle first met Dr. Rachel Fresco, the owner of Bio-Botanical Research, in 2008. Based upon Dr. Fresco’s clinical and laboratory evidence, Michelle suggested these products for her readers dealing with antibiotic resistant infections and people saw great results with these herbal blends.

Michelle and Dr. Fresco collaborated again and created a broad-spectrum herbal protocol for C. difficile and associated intestinal overgrowth issues.


The CD Herbal Detox Protocol for C. difficile

CD Herbal ProtocolThe CD Herbal Protocol utilizes the antibacterial herbal remedies Olivirex and Biocidin and the toxin binder GI Detox+. This professional-strength herbal protocol consists of:

  1. Olivirex – For broad-spectrum antibacterial, immune system and detoxification support. Also targets C. diff biofilms, spores and efflux pumps. This product is called the "Olive Leaf Blend" in Michelle’s Action Plan. Product usage, ingredients, precautions and FAQ’s can be found in the protocol below.
  2. Biocidin – For antibacterial, immune system and intestinal biofilm and efflux pump support. This product is called the "Biocide Blend" in Michelle’s Action Plan. Product usage, ingredients, precautions and FAQ’s can be found in the protocol below.
  3. GI Detox+ – For pathogen toxin absorption and clearance from the gut. Helps remove bacterial and biofilm die-off debris from the digestive system. Can quickly ease diarrhea symptoms caused by gut toxins. This product is called the "GI Detox Aid" in Michelle’s Action Plan. Product usage, ingredients, precautions and FAQ’s can be found in the protocol below.

These three products make up the CD Herbal Detox Kit, available exclusively to Michelle’s readers. See below for special pricing.

These three products provide broad-spectrum support for C. difficile when combined with spore probiotics, and an overall immune-support program as outlined in Michelle’s Action Plan. You can see some of our C. diff. success stories here.


This Protocol is Ideal if:

  • You want a non-antibiotic approach that’s potent yet well tolerated.
  • Your antibiotics have stopped working.
  • You are allergic to antibiotics or worried about their harmful side-effects.
  • You want targeted C. diff support with your antibiotic therapy.
  • You want a simpler approach before trying a more expensive or invasive therapy like a Fecal Matter Transplant.


Detailed How-To Guide

The usage guide at the link below will give you all the details you need for using the CD Herbal Detox Kit, including doses, frequently asked questions and precautions. The protocol is in adobe PDF format – click the link below and save the PDF file to your PC or mobile device:

CD Herbal Protocol

Adobe Acrobat

Download CD Herbal Protocol for C. diff.




Duration of Use

Start slowly with Biocidin and Olivirex, working up to desired protocol usage amount to avoid any large bacterial, yeast/fungal die-off in your body. Start GI Detox+ immediately to bind C. diff toxins and infection die-off toxins. GI Detox can quickly relieve diarrhea and cramping caused by gut infections. Symptoms improve for most people within a week or two, sometimes sooner.

Follow the protocol for 2 to 3 months. Then evaluate your symptoms and continue at same amount, or decrease to maintenance dose per your specific needs. If symptoms have minimally improved, higher amounts of these products or additional support may be needed.

Do you need to change your diet?
As discussed in Step 2 of Michelle’s Action Plan, eating a low carb, low sugar diet (if possible) helps starve C. diff. bacteria and it bolsters your immune system. While following the CD Herbal Detox Protocol, these dietary changes can enhance results and speed restoration of optimal G.I. function. Click here for more information on a low carbohydrate dietary approach.

Always consult with your doctor before using any new supplement or dietary change. Healthcare professionals who are experienced in using herbal medicines usually provide the highest level of support for using this protocol or other alternative methods.


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CD Herbal Detox Kit

Unlike other treatment approaches, this kit does triple duty by fighting infecting bacteria and C. diff resistance factors, boosting your immune system and soothing gut inflammation by mopping up bacterial toxins.

You get the following products in the CD Herbal Detox Kit:

  • 1 (one) Biocidin (1 ounce bottle, approximately 600 drops)
  • 2 (two) Olivirex (120 capsules total)
  • 2 (two) G.I. Detox+ (120 capsules total)

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With a combination of beginning and moderate usage level, products last approximately two months.


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