The Healing Power of Probiotics Video eCourse
michelle moore c difficile researcher

Have you ever wondered why some people experience great results taking probiotics while others notice nothing? Or have you tried various probiotics with little or no results?

Inside Michelle Moore's new 5 session probiotics video eCourse, you’ll learn how to unlock the full potential of probiotics to boost your energy and your immune system to speed your body’s recovery from infections.

1 - The Microbiome Revealed
Discover what your microbiome is and how it drives your health, plus the top 7 things that harm your microbiome and to avoid them.
2 - Five Probiotic Myths & Mistakes
Find out why some people benefit from probiotics while others notice nothing and how probiotic species and potency values are misleading.
3 - Five Traits of True Probiotics
Discover why most probiotics are unstable and don't survive the acid in your stomach and learn the five key traits of true probiotics.
4 - Using Probiotics for Challenges
Learn 5 keys to using probiotics for stubborn bacterial challenges, including species with a track record of success with specific infections.
5 - The Surprising Benefits of Bacillus
See how new research started the next generation of probiotics, including strains like Bacillus that help your body to heal itself from the inside out.
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